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Emmi®-pet Skin Care P2 Ultrasonic attachments - 2 pack - Dixie Doodles Pet Shop

Emmi®-pet Skin Care P2 Ultrasonic attachments - 2 pack

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The Emmi-pet Care P2 attachments work in combination with the ultrasonic gel as a wide range treatment which every dog owner should have.

This optional-extra skin attachment set is for making the skin heal itself quicker.

Ultrasound stimulates blood circulation, speeding up healing & reducing inflammation. It is great for skin sores, tick bites, sore pads, hotspots, mastitis & joint pain.

It is ideal for use on really sore gums – use it on the outside of the mouth over the gums to heal them from the outside in.

The ultrasound is transferred perfectly and will also reach through thick dog fur. Dogs with long fur it is recommended to part the hair before treatment to reach the region properly and have a better effect.

To use

Simply wet the brush, apply a thin layer of gel on the sore and hold the brush on the skin for a few minutes then wipe the gel off with damp cloth. Can be used a few times a day until healed.

Use with Vetericyn® VF +Plus Hydro-Gel or you can also use with Aloe Vera gel.

Information for all dog owners dog skin has a higher pH than human skin: Human skin has an acidic pH from 4,1 to 5,8. The pH from dog skin is 7 or even a bit higher. For this reason dog skin needs a special care.