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Santa Sausage Dog

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Providing tons of festive fun for the entire family this Christmas the Good Boy Pawsley & Co Santa Sausage Dog is the perfect festive gift for all dogs, big in size and big in entertainment.

The ideal solution for dogs that love to play and snuggle the Good Boy Pawsley & Co Santa Sausage Dog has been carefully developed with tons of enticing play features sure to amuse and entertain over Christmas and all year round.  Designed to fulfil your dog’s natural instincts to play, chase, fetch, tug and thrash it guarantees lasting entertainment for dogs of all sizes, with a super cute and cuddly festive design that adds even more fun to every game.  Featuring super soft outer fabrics its perfect as a cuddle companion for your dog, but also withstands games of fetch and light tugging ensuring maximum enjoyment every day and a multitude of ways to play.

A low-stuffing toy promoting less mess during play the Good Boy Pawsley & Co Santa Sausage Dog features a MASSIVE SIX SQUEAKERS spread out through the unstuffed body of the sausage dog design.  Guaranteeing hours of fun and entertainment these large squeakers captivate your dog, focusing their attention on the game in hand and their new favourite toy, successfully extending play and sparking your dog’s natural instincts to encourage healthy activity including thrashing, shaking and fetching.  Great for interactive play it helps to build a special bond between you and your dog, and is also ideal for solo squeaking and snuggling fun keeping your dog entertained and active over and over again. Large in length measuring approximately 87cm in total it provides unpredictable movement during play, and provides essential enrichment and stimulation contributing to the overall health and happiness of your dog every day.

  • A fun filled super squeaky festive toy for dogs
  • Made with premium quality fabrics and a low-stuffing design for more fun and less mess
  • Guarantees tons of fun and multiple play sessions
  • Great for dogs of all sizes, suitable for all breeds
  • With an adorable, festive sausage dog design for even more fun
  • Fulfils your dog’s natural hunting and chasing instincts
  • Encourages healthy activity including thrashing, shaking, tugging and more
  • With super soft outer fabrics perfect for cuddling and snuggling when playtime is over
  • A great interactive toy, perfect for play between pet and owner or multiple dogs
  • With a massive SIX LARGE SQUEAKERS captivating your dog to extend play and initiate natural instincts and playing techniques
  • Engages your dog in ongoing play
  • Perfect for play indoors and outdoors
  • Approximately 87cm in length