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Symply Cat Adult Turkey

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With over 30% turkey meat, your cat will simply love the taste of Symply Cat Turkey. We use the finest ingredients in our recipe to ensure that your cat receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for strong healthy growth and a strong immune system.

Symply is kind to your cat’s tummy with added prebiotics to promote the growth of “friendly” bacteria for a healthier digestive system.

Oats assist the transit of hair through the digestive system whilst providing a slow release of energy – just what a cat needs!

Turkey is full of the protein your cat requires whilst being easy to digest and is less likely to cause intolerances.

Our Total Cat Care formula means one product fits all! A wholesome, complete and balanced natural cat food that your cat will love…


TURKEY Packed with quality Turkey, a healthy digestible protein source.

HEALTHY SKIN & COAT Optimum levels of Omega 6 with added zinc which promotes healthier skin and shinier coat.

HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM Vitamins C and E and selenium to help maintain a healthy immune system.

HELPS PREVENT HAIRBALLS Natural and pre-biotic sources of fibres and whole grains, which may help to aid hairball reduction.

HEALTHY HEART & VISION Contains taurine, an essential amino acid which plays an important role in heart and visual function.

URINARY TRACT CARE Contains cranberry extract to help maintain a healthier urinary tract.


COMPOSITION Dried Turkey (Min. 30%) Rice Turkey Fat Corn Gluten Dried Fish Dried Egg Chicken Digest Oats (min. 2%) Minerals Linseed Salmon Oil (min. 1%) Cranberry Prebiotic MOS (min. 0.06%) Prebiotic FOS (min. 0.06%) Glucosamine 170mg/kg MSM 170mg/kg Chondroitin Sulphate 120mg/kg Additives: Amino Acids Taurine 2321mg/kg, methionine 1000mg/kg

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Protein 31% Fat Content 22% Crude Fibre 2% Crude Ash 11.50% Omega-6 Linoleic Acid 4%